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Bead Lovers Korner

Bead Lovers Korner: September 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rosary Beads for Prayer

Turquoise Chain Link Rosary

Several years ago I was trying to think of another product to add to my offerings of beads and supplies, something that was different but would complement what I already had for sale. As I contemplated this the words "Prayer Beads" began to form in my mind. I thought "That is perfect!", since I already have so many pendants or supplies that are spiritually related.

I bought a book and searched the web, for insight and background knowledge, about all the different types of prayer beads that are used today. I read the book, but got side tracked and never made a move to try making anything. Earlier this year something just came over me, I like to think it was Divine Guidance, but it was a powerful need to start doing this and I spent the whole day learning more details and put it into motion.

Sapphire Swarovski Pocket Rosary
While I am not Catholic, with all the strife and events that have happened this year, according to Glenn Beck "We are all Catholics now!". It doesn't really matter, it is the worship of God and the support of that worship that is important. So I started with making Rosary Beads. 

Violet Swarovski Chain

I am not sure what is is, maybe it is the comfort of repetition or just knowing that something I make could be used in a more worthwhile way other than body decoration. I love the way it feels to take separate beads and wire to create a chain, and the simplistic beauty of the finished piece is extremely satisfying. I guess that is how someone feels when they knit or crochet.

Swarovski Rosaline Pink Rosary Bracelet

If you are reading this, then you already realize the importance of prayer and building a relationship with The Divine. Especially in a world that seems to be on the edge, prayer is purifying and comforting.While my beads hold no power themselves, it is my hope that they will help the receiver realize the power of prayer and strength within.

To find the Rosaries and Chaplets that I have made, please visit the Beaded Gifts Ideas section of the Bead Lovers Korner Etsy Store

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Collage Art a Personal Statement

"Time is of the Essence"
Every day people speak about issues concerning the world, write blogs about politics or campaign for human rights, animal rights and more. Today I am featuring an artist who makes a statement through his unique Collage Art that is made from recycled materials. Matthew Hoffman of Material Whirl Collage creates Unique Collage Art that not only touches on national or worldwide issues, it also holds expression of personal thoughts and feelings that we all hold deep within.

"Six Times as Much"
Each collage is made entirely from recycled paper and cardboard from a variety of items including magazines, discarded advertising, and dry packaging materials. Wrinkles, creases, odd cuts, and ragged edges add to the unique appeal of this process.

Each piece of Matthew's Collage Art is signed and dated, and is suitable for framing or affixing to a blank note card, some (but not all) are blank enough on the back to be mailed as postcards.

See the entire collection of Matthew's art by visiting:
Blog: Click Here---> The Material Whirl: Saving the planet one recycled collage at a time
Etsy Shop: Click Here---> Material Whirl Collage Shop

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where Were You On September 11? We Must Never Forget!

World Trade Center Twin Towers Landmark Bead

Where were you on 9-11-2001? 

That is a day and time I will never forget. I was working at Creative Catalog Concepts and was on the phone with Bobby Susser from New Hope Records, discussing a custom job we were doing for him. As I sat there on the phone, one of our Graphic Artists went into our "Break Area" and turned on the TV. I could see this from my desk and thought it was unusual since it was so early in the day. Then several other employees gathered and something sounded alarming so I asked Bobby to hold while I went to see what happened. The first plane, American Airlines Flight 11, had crashed into the North Tower. I got back on the phone with Bobby and told him what had happened and we ended the call. I stood there with the others and watched on live TV as the second plane, United Flight 175, crashed into the South Tower, not believing that this could be real and knowing that it was not an accident.

Shortly after that I called my husband, who works for an airline, and that was when he told me of the unprecedented grounding of all flights! As we heard of the other two Flights - American Airlines Flight 77 and United Flight 93, the knowledge of attack on the USA was prevalent in our minds and we all wondered what was happening!! The rest of the day was spent not doing a whole lot of anything except crying, watching the news and wondering what was next. No one wanted to work, the whole day was surreal and the skies were so quiet.

I will never forget this day, and my heart still aches for those who perished, those who lost loved ones and the brave Americans who dealt with this in their personal lives.

Where were you that day?.....
Each story, each thought and memory of that day will keep those who perished and those who suffered alive in our hearts and minds. Please share your story.

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