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Bead Lovers Korner

Bead Lovers Korner: December 2011

Saturday, December 31, 2011

“e.g. our products fits the PANDORA bracelets”. Counterfeiting, don't use that word!

Custom Mother's Birthstone Charm Dangle

Here is my take on the whole PANDORA issue. Strike the word from your vocabulary, unless you are one of their die hard believers or you are talking about something from mythology.

Apparently this company wants sole use of the word in any form as it relates to beads or jewelry. If you use the word and are not one of their sellers then you are counterfeiting their trademark. Enough said. I am sick of the whole thing. If you ask me if my beads will fit on your blasted bracelet that starts with the alphabet letter P, then I will tell you, otherwise I am not saying. I am in the process of removing it from every single place I have a listing or information about the compatibility of my items except in general overview areas and here on my blog.

Here is a statement from that company that you can read:

At one point in this post it says:
"The use of the trademark PANDORA stand-alone and in combined phrases is only accepted in general customer information describing in long text the products offered, “e.g. our products fits the PANDORA bracelets."

Should I believe this? You know what, not doing it... I decided today, that could have been posted by anyone. Just to suck you in so you think it's OK to say your bead will fit on that bracelet. It is not worth the headache of  having to go and change hundreds of listings, or the risk of getting sued if they up and decide that it's not OK. So pretend the word does not exist, or that if you say it you risk death because the big bad wolf will come and eat you. 

Carlo Biagi Swarovski Crystal Beads

The beads I sell and the charm beads that I make have a large diameter hole, and will fit on any thing with a smaller diameter such as a bracelet, necklace, leather, cord, beaded chain, key chain, anywhere you want. I also sell traditional beads that have a smaller hole and will not fit on large chains like that bracelet that starts with a P.

Twin Towers Landmark Travel Bead

I carry Carlo Biagi Jewelry and Landmark Charm beads, occasionally I will bring in some economy beads with a low price point. Everything I sell is of high quality .925 sterling silver (unless it is mentioned otherwise, as in the economy beads) and will have lasting value for the bearer of the bead or charm, as long as they treat it with care and clean the the item properly.

I am insulted that just because I say that my Carlo Biagi beads will fit on a P-ND-RA bracelet that I am selling counterfeit beads. So enough, my beads and items will sell on their own merit and the excellent customer service that I provide. I hope other sellers will follow suit and not keep trying to find new ways to say P-ND-RA. Just backspace over that word, let them have it. Beads have been around for thousands of years and will continue to a part of jewelry design, large hole or small hole!
Carlo Biagi Bead Bracelet with Charms

To anyone who reads this post, thanks for listening and if you sell beads or buy beads I hope this information has helped you. I will leave you with two thoughts:

  • What exactly came out of Pandora's Box? All the evils of the world, so don't mess with that box. 
  • When the Giants come they don't even see the ants, so get the heck out of the way!
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