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Bead Lovers Korner: April 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

You're No Fool! Celebrating Life

Happy April 1st! I am holding this Giveaway in honor of this day and Celebrating Life! What do I mean by celebrating life? Read the short story below to find out why and don't forget to enter the Giveaway!!

The Reason for Celebrating Life 

On April 1, 1978 a very good friend was getting married and I went to the wedding with a group of friends. We were all still in High School but my boyfriend had a car so we piled into his vehicle and he drove. After the ceremony, being kids, we wanted to soap up the Groom's car with "Just Married" and all that stuff. Well, the groom had hidden his car so that just that thing didn't happen. We were determined and found out where they were staying that night, drove there and did our silly soaping, laughing hysterically and having a great time!!

Now that we were done, we all decided to go have some Pizza before calling it a night. It was late, but we knew a local Pizza Place that was open and headed in that direction as we laughed and carried on. Then in an instant, in the darkness of the night, our lives were changed and nearly over. We were struck by an oncoming vehicle and I can only relay these details as they were told to me since it was the passenger side right behind me that was impacted and I was knocked out cold. The car was totaled and a bloody mess, I was hit in the head and the fellow behind me had nearly every bone broken... a phone call was made to my mother that night telling her that if she didn't rush to the hospital I might not make it. Can you imagine how that would be if it were your child? I totally lost about 3 weeks of my life as I do not remember anything at all until one day when I just "woke up". The other passengers had whiplash, cuts, bruises and I am not really sure what else, but the two of us on the passenger side had the worst of  the injuries. In fact, I was picking glass out of my head for the next year!!

Everyone survived and was able to fully recover, but this day will always hold another meaning to me and not be just a day of practical jokes.

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