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Jewelry Supplies with Fairies

Bead Lovers Korner: Jewelry Supplies with Fairies

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jewelry Supplies with Fairies

Flower Fairy Pendant by Green Girl Studios

I have always been fascinated with ideas of enchantment, magic, and undiscovered secrets. Didn't every one love a good Fairy Tale? Fairies have existed in Folklore for hundreds if not thousands of years, but with this age of computers and science many have tried to debunk these old and cherished tales.

Dragonfly Fairy Pendant by Green Girl Studios

Fairies have been known by many names such as wee folk, fair folk, elves and many more. They have magical powers, are sometimes mischievous, and are of a hidden society that can shape shift into different objects or beings.

Faerie Realm Pendant by Green Girl Studios

Keep the magic and mystery of these stories and legends alive by incorporating them into your beading and jewelry designs.

Faerie Realm Pendant Back, "Come away oh human child..."

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Joy Fairy

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