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Cell Phone Charms Become Incense Bottle Decorations

Bead Lovers Korner: Cell Phone Charms Become Incense Bottle Decorations

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cell Phone Charms Become Incense Bottle Decorations

Smoking Bottle Incense Holder with Hanging Beads

When I was going to set up and try to sell my wares at a craft show, I bought some cell phone charm straps to decorate as an added little bauble that people might pick up. I made an assortment of really nice beaded designs with sterling silver beads, Swarovski crystal colors, little beaded dragonfly charms and other pretty beaded dangle decorations.

Retired Cell Phone Charm Turned Incense Decoration

Today you don't see many people with charms hanging from their cell phones, so what now?

Then the other day I had this great idea!

I love incense and have several types of incense burners in my home, including bottle incense holders. They came with a large split ring or key chain type ring and a little golden cord that hung on the side. You put the incense stick into the split ring and then insert the stick in the bottle so that the smoke comes out of the top and the ventilation holes.

Incense Bottle with Decorative Beads

Over the years the silver split ring had become blackened from the smoke and the little golden cord had become frayed. So I took one of those charms with decorative hanging beads, attached it to a new split ring and look how nice and decorative it looks??!!

A Variety of Decorative Hanging Beads

These are great little gift ideas for someone who loves burning incense and has a bottle burner, a smoking bottle or wine bottle incense burner. Find these at Bead Lovers Korner on Etsy in the Beaded Gift Ideas Section!

Uses for cell phone charms

  • Purse Decoration
  • Zipper Pull
  • Ceiling Fan Pulls 
  • and NOW Incense Bottle Decoration
What great ideas for decorations with beads have you had lately? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear your ideas!

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