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Charm Beads for Bracelets

Bead Lovers Korner: Charm Beads for Bracelets

Friday, June 22, 2012

Charm Beads for Bracelets

Carlo Biagi Sterling Silver Lighthouse Bead
It's the lazy Days of Summer, but are they really lazy?? Maybe for some - like kids on summer break or families on vacation, but not here at Bead Lovers Korner! It is far from that! Sales are very slow during the summer so I work extra hard to come up with new charm beads for European bracelets, and make new items to complement and accessorize.
Carlo Biagi Hot Pink Czs and Ridged Sterling Silver Combo
In previous years it was no big deal and I actually did quite well, but now that I am no longer allowed to say on Ebay or on Etsy that ....

Carlo Biagi or Landmark Beads will fit on PANDORA bracelets 

my sales have plummeted. It has been like that for the past couple of years and I keep trying to come up with new products, however I still have a large variety of beautiful beads that many PANDORA bracelet owners are missing out on. 

Purple Dragonfly Dangle
If I were a bigger business and not a solely owned small company, then I might have other resources, but I had faith in myself to work and make a living with my here I go, tossing this note onto the Internet Sea in the hopes that someone NEW will discover the Biagi or Landmark Beads that I have waiting for them. I also have many beautiful hand assembled dangle beads like the cute little Dragonfly charm above.

Landmark Bead - Hotel del Coronado, San Diego
There are also Three NEW Landmark Beads this year! Gorgeous sterling silver memories of vacations and travels!

For more information please visit Bead Lovers Korner! 

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