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Stand for Israel with Bracelets and Beads

Bead Lovers Korner: Stand for Israel with Bracelets and Beads

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stand for Israel with Bracelets and Beads

Stand for Israel Bracelet

I have felt that things are just not quite right in the world for several years now... I guess it started when Obama was campaigning for President. He was on a campaign trip, but it wasn't to major cities in the USA, it was a trip AROUND the WORLD. I was pretty sure that no other Presidential Candidate had done a campaign trip around the world, and it just did not sit well with me.

Now, just a few years later the US economy is in the tank, our enemies have become our friends and our friends have become our enemies. There are people in Washington D.C. who don't know what is going on and it seems as if the White House has become one of those Carnival Fun Houses with a jillion distortion mirrors and everything is all topsy turvy.

Well, I am a humble entrepeneur who sells beads and makes jewelry, and I felt the urge to put this together to show my support for Israel.

BS172 Sterling Silver Star of David Carlo Biagi Bead

DSEF01 Double-Sided Enamel United States Flag Carlo Biagi Bead

Compatible with Pandora, Chamilia, Troll and other European style bracelets and necklaces.

Carlo Biagi beads have a large diameter hole that is not threaded and are compatible with Pandora, Carlo Biagi, Chamilia, Troll and all other chains. Available on our website, please click on the linked text under the picture for more info.

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